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There may  sometimes be problems beyond the 12th  fret. I fear that to resolve these problems we have to change the positions of the frets 13, 14 and so on, for example like it does Chouard.


But the main problem for the right intonation of the most arcustic guitars, is the dissonance between the open string and the 1st few frets up to the 12th. So there may be no need of any further regulation.


On e-guitars, whitch are often played  bejond the 12th fret, the dissonances are less problematic because of a different type of strings, a lower nut  and some other reasons.

 Therefore the compensation of the e-guitar nuts will result more subtile


Instead of sawing a wedge the whole nut can be moved forward having cut the fingerboard for  the maximum compensation value  taking care, that carving the nut you leave the adequate space for the thinner strings.

See: "How much nut compensation"

This solution seems to me more elegant specially on new guitars.